Founded in 2007, Meizhou Benchuang Electronics Co.,Ltd is a factory specialized in manufacturing high-precision,high-density multilayer PCB & HDI PCB with aiming at a high level PCB request. The factory is located in Meizhou,Guangdong Province, covers an area of 40,000 square meters and owns nearly 1,000 empolyees. We can achieve an annual output of 600,000 square

China market:[email protected]

Oversea market:
[email protected]
[email protected]

6 layers-POS
6 layers-Digital Products
6 layers-Computer
6 layers-Digital Products
6 layers 2-stage HDI
8 layers 1-stage HDI-Digital Communications
Address:AD7, Dongsheng Economic Development Zone, Meijiang District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province
Phone:(86-753)2106688 2368777 Fax :(86-753)2161122 2151122
CopyRight @ 2014 Meizhou Benchuang Electronics Co.,Ltd. Record Number: 粵ICP備13008739號
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